SOFT BRUSH This brush is made with boar bristles and is great after a haircut and natural hair.



Our Premium and Stylish Durags are perfect. They are smooth silky and they keep your hair laid to better your 360 waves.



MEDIUM BRUSH This brush is made with boar bristles and is great for waves, wolfing and natural hair.


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 Premium Quality & Comfort ✨

Our Silk Durags are cut from beautiful silk cloth and is made with durable smooth silk material. Our Silk DuRags will give you smooth, shiny, and elegant feel.

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Made For You

Our brushes provide a great pull. The curve design grips your head better than regular brushes and helps you get waves faster than straight brushes. Helps to lay down your hair the best.

  • Z***a

    Wave are going crazy. I love the pull from the brush. No effort at all is needed. I don't have to brush my life away. You won't be disappointed.

  • J***n

    Great brush!! High Quality!! Well worth the investment definitely recommend!!! To those seeking a quality wave brush

  • A***r

    The brush is great. I’m a first time waver and have never really paid a “brush” any mind. I don’t see myself going back to the regular walmart/Sally’s brushes. The brush has a lot of pull, overall covers a lot of space with less brushing. A definite buy!